The production rooms are divided into various sections; every section has its own dedicated purpose and material use. The factory has an efficient product stream to reduce and eliminate contamination during production as much as possible.
After producing the raw product forms, the products are moved to the sanding and finishing hall. Here the products are checked for irregularities and, if necessary, repaired and then sanded as preparation for painting (or packing for non painted items).
During the paining process, the products first get several ground layers and then 2 to 4 UV proof top coats, depending on item and the desired finish. After painting, the products are placed in the drying rooms for several hours until the paint is completely dry. The painting room is fully closed, air-conditioned and has a constant temperature; it’s a completely dust-free painting environment.
When dry, the products are piece by piece subject to a very thorough quality check. After approval, packaging will be done on the basis of the customer’s requested packaging instructions. Containers can be loaded with pallets or loose cartons.
The NTN factory is BSCI and ISO 2001 certified and regularly monitored for employee health and safety precautions.


Production of the raw products.
Sanding the raw shapes.
Repairing irregularities.
Applying layers of spray paint.
Drying room.
Products ready for quality check.
Packing the products.
Products ready for carton packing.
Cartons ready for shipping.
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Repairing irregularities.